25 July 2010

Cintakan Inspirasi

pagi tadi join inventori personaliti cinta remaja..first time diadakan di ipt..from dat now  i know dat i love inspiration..yer ke??seorang yang xmudah kecewa akibat dikecewakan...really??i guess something wrong with de inventory...19/20..impossible lorr..tahu dekat master kashrill pergh kena hentam kaw--kaw--..penat dy buat research selamber badak ak komen..now..when i think about de inventory n what master kashrill said..im really stressfull..why im always thinking about him?i try to denied dat i'm OK as i do it before for 1 year but i cant!its better for me to try n tell him what i fell before i'll regret it for the rest of my life...~maher zain mood~

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